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Different Therapeutic Massage Techniques

November 13, 2016

 What are the different therapeutic massage techniques? Here are just a few:

Acupressure massage delivers pressure to specific points on the skin to increase or decrease "energy flow" throughout the whole body. A great example you can try on your own is gently pressing on the webbed skin between your thumb and index finger the next time you feel a queasy stomach. See if pressing on your hand doesn't make your stomach feel better!

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Bowen therapy involves rollers used to "loosen up" the connective tissues, the ligaments, tendons, and fascia connecting muscles to bone. The rollers stretch these tissues, but because of their circular, rolling action, they don't stretch the connective tissue too much.

Lomi-lomi massage often involves heated jade stones placed on the skin. These stones are heated just enough but not too much to provide steady gentle radiant heat that reaches down to the tissues that need it.

Myofascial release involves gently stretching the fascia, the connective tissue that links muscles and bones all over the body. This technique usually involves gently rolling the skin.

Postural integration involves deep tissue massage with awareness of posture and body position.

Stone massage uses stones to provide pressure and warmth to the body.


Swedish massage applies long, flowing strokes across the body.

There are, to be sure, many other kinds of massage. Some of them involve complex training sessions, hydrotherapy pools, and aromatherapy. But you can get many of the same benefits of any form of healing massage with the right home massage therapy equipment.

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