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America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic: How Herbal Supplements Can Help

February 04, 2019

In the U.S., Americans are known for using prescription drugs heavily. A 2009 report indicates that an estimate of 7 million people use various types of prescription medicines including painkillers, antidepressants and stimulants. Unfortunately, these medications are often not used for medical purposes.

Most people are naturally inclined to turn to medicines whenever they feel a slight change or discomfort in their body. Americans, in particular, are born with a quick fix mentality which leads many to believe that everything can be fixed and that there’s a solution for every single problem. Somehow, there’s a truth to it but a quick fix isn’t always the best solution.

Why People Use Prescription Drugs

Doctors and healthcare professionals recommend prescription drugs to patients to help them find relief in their discomfort and at the same time, treat various health issues. Medically, there are a lot of people who have been cured by using prescription drugs. Some even have preserved their lives because of these pills.


It’s no wonder why people aren’t thinking twice when taking over-the-counter medicines to cure their ailments. While it may be easier, more convenient, and faster, when abused, it can also lead to serious complications and dangers.

There are different kinds of prescription abuse such as misuse, addiction or dependency. In most cases, prescription drug abuse is often developed after relying too much on medicines whether it is recommended by your doctor or if it is a personal choice.

How Prescription Drugs Affects America’s Youth

How exactly is prescription drug abuse defined by medical experts? According to them, prescription drug abuse is described as using medicines intentionally without getting a prescription from a health care provider. It can also be described as deliberately using medicines other than its prescribed for or using it to experience a feeling as a result of the drugs.

Unfortunately, America is plagued with prescription drug abuse. In fact, approximately 5.1 million Americans are abusing pain relievers, 2.2 million are using tranquilizers, 1 million are into stimulants while 400,000 are taking sedatives.

In the U.S., prescriptions drugs is a huge business. Compared to other countries, Americans appear to be buying and supporting prescription medicine six times more than its neighbors according to research.


Based on a report, most adolescents in America who resort to prescription and over-the-counter drugs are made up of high school students. 1 in 12 senior students is reportedly taking drugs such as Vicodin for nonmedical use. Meanwhile, 1 out of 20 seniors is using OxyContin.

According to more than half of 12th graders, they are able to get their hands on pain relievers through a relative of a friend which they use for nonmedical purposes. This clearly shows how kids are abusing the use of prescription drugs apart from other drugs such as alcohol.

These type of prescription medications are known to affect the body’s central nervous system. Similar types of drugs are used to treat various psychiatric disorders.

The demand for prescription drugs continues to rise. However, the downside is that there is also a significant increase in the percentage of overdose deaths which are caused by pain medications.  

What You Need to Ask Your Healthcare Professional

The first thing you need to ask your doctor or healthcare professional is if you are suffering from prescription drug abuse. Your doctor will advise you on the best ways to address your problem. Talking to a professional expert about your problem will help you get through your addiction or abuse the right way.

Hence, admitting you have a problem is a significant step in treating the issue. Be open in seeking out advice from your doctor and diligently follow any instructions given to you. Most doctors may advise you to undergo a diet change to improve your overall health.


In this case, eating healthier foods and practicing an active lifestyle are just some of the best ways to help you recover from your prescription drug abuse. Some of the healthiest food options include protein-rich snacks and meals. The Natera Hemp Seed Hearts and Hemp Protein Drink are exceptionally healthy because they are loaded with protein-rich ingredients and are fortified with vitamins and minerals to boost your energy and health.   

Another alternative is to use herbal and natural food supplements such as the Natural Choice Eleotin Herbal capsules to help maintain a healthy body inside and out. The Eleotin capsules are made with all-natural ingredients that assist and support various functions in the body. It is especially suitable for individuals suffering from diabetes because it helps control the blood glucose levels.

Prescription Medicines: The Negative Effects

A report in 2011 states that every day, 6,400 people in America use prescription drugs nonmedically for the first time. This shows how many Americans are abusing prescription medicines on a daily basis. Misuse, getting addicted or depending too much on prescription drugs can take its toll on you.

Here are some of the negative impacts:

  • Addiction

Some medicines are already addictive by itself. When not used properly, it can increase your chances of getting addicted and physically dependent on it. Usually, what happens is that users who abuse prescription drugs tend to find themselves needing more of it. Hence,  they tend to start taking medicines in higher doses.

There are some medicines that are meant to be taken for a certain period only usually just for a short time. However, some users end up developing an addiction to the medicines and end up becoming dependent on it.

This is definitely not good for the health. The type of drug, amount of dosage, and duration of time are some of the common culprits of prescription abuse.

Some types of drugs especially those taken for pain and insomnia can increase your risk of becoming dependent on drugs. Therefore, this also means that healthcare professionals should also be careful before prescribing medications to their patients as this could affect their health in the long run.

Discontinuing your use may trigger withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, nausea, shaking, and nervousness to name a few. In some cases, withdrawal from certain drugs specifically stimulants can cause depression, sleeping problems, mood swings, and exhaustion. Other drugs may result in fatal consequences.  

  • Health problems

Just like any other thing, too much of anything can be bad for you. The same goes for medications as it always comes with risks and dangers especially when improperly used.

There are also some drugs that pose a serious health risk. Too much opioids are known to have negative effects. It can diminish your cognitive functioning, result in choking, affect your mood, disrupt your menstrual cycle, and lead to infertility.

Opioids can also cause slow breathing which increases your risk of coma or even death in severe cases. Sedatives, depressants, and tranquilizers, on the other hand, can lead to memory-related problems and result in seizures.

In other cases, stimulants can promote paranoia especially in high doses as it can also lead to abnormal heartbeat and higher body temperature. Other risks are associated with cardiovascular problems.

  • Misuse

Most types of medicines are easily available and accessible. Others can conveniently get it from their schoolmates or friends without encountering any problems.

When someone is not intended to take a medication, it can result in misuse. Some people tend to be creative when trying to get their hands on prescription drugs just to get a certain feeling from it. So, others may use the prescription of other people as a way to get their high.

  • Accidents

Some prescription drugs can cause side effects. Thus, it can affect your daily activities and possibly lead to accidents. There are certain medicines that can make you feel drowsy which can be disruptive and dangerous in any situation.

    It increases your risk of getting into an injury. At the same time, your thinking may also be impaired which can lead to poor judgment and decisions.

    • Legal problems

    Remember that taking medicines that aren’t intended for you or even misusing your own prescriptions are not allowed by the law. Prescription drug abuse may also possibly result in criminal actions and you may just end up in jail for it.

      Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle Over Medicines

      The U.S. spends more money on medicines compared to other developed countries. The cost of healthcare is high thanks to expensive medicines. It doesn’t help that 70% of Americans are into prescription drugs.

      With this being said, is there any alternative to prescription medications? The answer is simple: live an active and healthy lifestyle. So should a healthy diet come before the prescriptions?


      Of course, yes. By following a healthy diet you can achieve a healthier mind and body. A vegetarian diet can effectively lower your blood pressure by half versus a prescribed medicine. Plus, vegetables are definitely way cheaper than buying prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines.

      Going on a healthy diet can do wonders for your body inside and out. It offers numerous health benefits including lower cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, and reduced blood pressure among many others. You’ll start to feel lighter, more energized, and look better too.

      Here are some tips on how to eat healthy:

      • Minimize your fat intake below 27% of total calories.
      • Switch processed grains with whole grains.
      • Eats tons of fruits and vegetables.
      • Incorporate low-fat and nonfat dairy food.
      • Load up on protein-rich foods.

      Herbal Supplements Vs. Prescription Drugs

      In the U.S., the rate of children and adolescents who are considered overweight or obese have tripled. Over 70% of adults are diagnosed with chronic disease while over 75% of the country’s healthcare cost is spent on treating these health problems.

      The leading causes of death include heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease. Many would agree that prescription drugs are effective and proven.

      After all, these drugs have undergone tests before being marketed as a prescription or over-the-counter medication. These medicines have been carefully evaluated as well as their effects with other drugs to ensure that they are not only safe but effective too.

      Natural and Herbal Supplements

      When it comes to the alternative option to prescription medicines, natural and herbal supplements have become an excellent choice for many. Even though most herbal medicines still need more comprehensive studies, a lot of people swear by its effectiveness.

      Herbal or natural supplements are derived from plants. The natural blend of organic ingredients and plants promote a healthier approach to taking care of your health.

      The main advantage of herbal supplements is that they are made from natural ingredients that are safe and free from harmful toxins. Plus, herbal medicines produce relatively fewer side effects than synthetic medicines.

      Research also shows that herbal medicines cost less than prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Therefore, they are more practical, safer, and economical. Hence, making them a popular choice among most people. The World Health Organizations states that 80% of people rely on herbal medicines to boost their health.

      In fact, many manufacturers are investing in producing natural and herbal supplements to address the growing demand. Plus, it also helps that many doctors and professional health experts recognize the advantages of taking natural supplements.


      The Natural Choice Eloitin Herbal Supplement is an effective way to support your healthy lifestyle. If you’re on a ketogenic diet, the Natera Key-To-Life Keto Protein Bars are fortified with essential nutrients your body needs to keep it in top shape.


      So, which is more effective? Prescription medicines or herbal supplements? The truth is, both are billion-dollar industries which goes to show that they are both hugely supported by many.

      When it comes to choosing which to take, most people just want the most effective, safest, and budget-friendly. While both are effective in their own ways, many people tend to go for the healthier alternative which is why natural supplements is a clear winner in this category.

      However, at the end of the day, it is always better to consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional first before deciding which route to take.

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