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DermaMed Tension Balm for Headache and Migraine Relief

April 28, 2019

According to the American Migraine Association, migraine affects millions of Americans and is a form of severe and recurring painful headache. It is usually accompanied by warning symptoms. The pain you get from migraine usually lasts for hours and in some cases, even days.

It is usually followed by a severe headache which throbs at one side of your head. Migraine affects individuals starting from 15 years old and older. This form of headache is suspected to be caused by abnormal activity in the brain which affects the blood vessels and chemicals in the brain.

Research shows that genetics can make you feel more sensitive to migraine as well as the triggers that cause it. Here are some of the triggers that can cause a migraine.

  • Emotions – Different types of emotions can result in migraine including anxiety, stress, depression, and excitement.
  • Physical causes – There are a lot of physical factors that can contribute to migraine including poor posture, neck tension, lack of sleep, and too much physical effort. Other triggers can be due to low blood sugar levels and jet lag.
  • Hormones – A change in a woman’s hormones can result in several symptoms especially migraine during her menstruation because of the changing hormones.
  • Diet and nutrition – Food is one of the factors that can contribute to migraine. Some of the food and beverages that can trigger severe headache include caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, citrus foods, cheese, and other types of ingredients including additive known as tyramine. Other factors include dehydration and eating irregularly.
  • Medicines – Different types of medications including sleeping pills, hormone replacement therapy medicines, and contraceptive pills are known migraine triggers.
  • Environment – Environmental factors can significantly contribute to severe headache. This includes confined areas, bright lights, temperature changes, flickering screens, loud sounds, strong smells, and second-hand smoke among many others.

Understanding Migraine

Migraine is caused by an abnormality in the brain’s oxidative system which is important in stabilizing the brain’s nerve cells. Any signs of abnormality can result in vulnerable nerve cells which can be caused by triggers which leads to pain in the head and the neck.

Some of the trigger factors include stress, hormone changes, weather conditions, and food among many others. Thus, leading to an increase in blood level which affects the capillaries that supply to various parts of the brain. In effect, it decreases the supply of oxygen which causes signs of a premeditated migraine attack.

The blood vessels increase the blood flow to the head which leads to headache and migraine. So, what exactly are the early warnings of a migraine attack? It can cause mood swings, increase in appetite, blind spots, and intense smells among many others.

Say Goodbye to Headaches and Migraines with the DermaMed Tension Balm

DermaMed Tension Balm is formulated with natural ingredients designed to provide relief for headaches and migraines caused by stress, anxiety, and muscle strains. This topical treatment is used to reduce the symptoms of  headache and migraine including the after effects. At the same time, it can help manage the pain so that it doesn’t become worse.

The Ingredients

What makes this natural balm unique is because it has a unique blend of ingredients. It is infused with a combination of Shea Butter, Peppermint, Beeswax, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Blue Chamomile, Rosemary oil, Olive Squalene, Magnesium, Grapefruit seed extract, Feverfew extract, Ascorbic Acid and Riboflavin among many others.

These natural ingredients contain properties that can alleviate the pain. Its peppermint content creates a cool sensation when applied to the affected area which helps relax the muscles. Therefore, making it an effective product to ease the pain in your head and neck.

The magnesium found in this muscle tension balm provides relief for individuals suffering from acute migraine. At the same time, this topical balm helps in decongesting the sinus. Since it is made with natural ingredients, it is safe to use and doesn’t produce any harsh side effects.

The Benefits of DermaMed Tension Balm

This natural tension balm has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of the skin including the mucus membrane and capillary wall to provide relief to headaches and migraines. It works by addressing the problem that causes the pain as well as the symptoms it produces.

Hence, here are some of the many benefits you can get from this natural pain reliever.

  • Stops the release of histamine.
  • Modulates the inflammatory response.
  • Impedes the release of the platelet metabolites which contributes to inflammation, pain, and spasm.
  • Contains antispasmodic properties that boosts the circulation and provides relief for pain and muscle spasms.
  • Formulated with properties that help the muscle relax and minimize muscle tension.
  • Provides fast relief for acute migraine.
  • Regulates the neuromuscular activity.
  • Helps control pain.
  • Has powerful analgesic and sedative effects.
  • Improves the lymphocytic function of the immune system.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Enhance skin penetration for better absorption.
  • Maintains a healthy level of glutathione.
  • Regulates oxidative metabolism.
  • Contains essential amino acids that protect you from cellular damage.

How to Use DermaMed Tension Balm

The DermaMed Tension Balm provides relief for different types of headache including migraine. This natural balm has active ingredients that helps boost the body’s defenses against pain. It also is infused with ingredients that contain sedative and tranquilizing effects.

It can effectively alleviate headache in an instant. However, if you tend to develop frequent headaches, you can use rub it on the affected area once or twice a day to manage and prevent migraine attacks. Its consistency makes it easy to be absorbed the skin.

Since the DermaMed Tension Balm is designed with a blend of natural ingredients, it is safe to use even for children. You can apply it to the affected area once or twice a day, one in the morning and one before bedtime. Remember that it’s important to apply this balm as soon as you feel a headache coming so that it can soothe and ease the pain faster.

How a Topical Tension Balm Can Instantly Relieve Pain

People experience pain differently. Some have a higher tolerance while others are lower. It is important to understand that some people who have been using certain medications for headache for long periods of time can make it resistant to migraine.

To get maximum results, apply the DermaMed Tension Balm regularly for two weeks. The length of the application can slowly help reduce the frequency of the attacks until it gets rid of the pain entirely.

The DermaMed Tension Balm can provide comfort to headaches and migraines and prevent it from becoming much worse. It is safe and doesn’t produce any harmful side effects like oral medications.

Tension Headache Vs. Migraine

While there are different types of headaches, the most common form is known as a tension headache. A tension headache is a result of muscle contraction on the area surrounding your skull. Usually, the pain starts from the front portion of your head and from one ear to the other. The most summon causes of this form of headache are attributed to stress and lack of sleep.

Meanwhile, a migraine is more complicated compared to a regular headache. It can result in throbbing pain on one side of your head and in severe cases, it can lead to vomiting. When you have a migraine, you can also become more sensitive to light and sound. A migraine attack can impede your daily activities which is why it is important to address this problem immediately with the DermaMed Tension Balm.

How to Effectively Manage Migraine Triggers

The most efficient way to manage headache and migraine is to be observant and monitor the triggers. Take note of the intensity of the pain, how often you experience attacks, the symptoms, and how long it lasts. These factors can help you understand your migraine attacks so that you can prevent it from recurring.

Identifying the possible causes of your migraine can help you come up with an effective treatment plan.  Some types of headaches and migraines can be caused by poor nutrition which can result in hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Hence, make sure that you eat regularly and avoid starving yourself. At the same time, a low-fat diet can help reduce the effects of having low blood sugar. Since another reason can be due to dehydration, make sure that your body is replenished by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.

A sudden migraine attack usually feels as it came from nowhere. However, if you look more closely at the patterns you’ll realize that there are often signs that a migraine attack about to happen. Hence, use these markers as a preventive tool in managing headaches and migraines as well as preventing future attacks.  

Also, listing the symptoms can help you reduce these triggers. At the same way, find ways to address these factors. It can help you strategize better and eliminate all the factors that result in potential migraine attacks.

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