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Chair Back Massager - How To Cure Your Back Problems Through Massage Therapy

November 22, 2016

Chair Back Massager - Perfect Cure For Back Problems

Do you suffer from back problems, particularly of the lower back variety?
A chair back massager might be just the therapeutic remedy you need.

A chair back massager can accomplish the following for you:

  • It can stimulate your back muscles to loosen up the tension pent up within them.
  • It can help to stretch, flex and make limber, your back muscles, through the kneading action of the chair back massager.
  • It can help to stimulate the circulation and free flow of blood through the blood vessels in your back, and throughout your entire body.
  • Chair back massagers help improve the general health of your body’s overall circulatory system.

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    A Chair Back Massager Keeps The Doctor Away

    If you suffer from any of the following conditions, then a chair back massager can be just what the doctor ordered, to help you feel better and get back up on your feet:

    • Sciatica - This condition refers to the pinching of the sciatic nerve in your lower spine that causes pain in your legs.
    • A slipped (or herniated) disc - This occurs when one of the vertebrae in your back has become misaligned with your spine.
    • Poor posture - If you tend to slouch a lot, then using a chair back massager can prompt you to keep your back straight and to help you improve the strength of your back muscles.
    • Scoliosis - Improper curvature of the spine is a medical condition that can be treated through consistent application of massage therapy.

    Benefits Of Using A Chair Massager

    If you have a serious back problem, your best course of action is to seek professional medical help. But having access to a chair massager at home can be a terrific way to improve your overall circulatory and spine health.

    It also pays to have massages performed on you by a professional masseuse, but those can run very costly and they may not always be available. And you cannot always count on someone in your household to be able to devote an hour to massaging your back on a daily basis.

    Here are some of the advantages using a chair massager (as opposed to having a massage performed on you by a human being):

    • A chair massager can provide a consistent application of pressure for as long as you wish, upwards of even an hour.
    • A chair massager will not fatigue or degrade in its performance within an hour the way a human massage might.
    • A chair massager can apply a certain degree of pressure on certain points of the body, at certain angles, that a human being may not be able to.
    • A chair massager is available for you on demand anytime you need it.
    • Using a chair massager is much more cost effective than spending money on a professional masseuse.
    • A typical chair massager is usually portable enough that you can unplug it and move it from one chair to another, or transport it from one location to another.

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    Will Using A Chair Massager Fail

    There are a number of obvious disadvantages to using a chair massager, if not outright situations where you might want to avoid using one altogether:

    • Usage of a chair massager is bereft of the intimacy proferred by human touch that can enhance the massage experience.
    • A human masseuse has the liberty to use massage oils liberally, whereas a chair massager is not designed for the use of massage oils at all.
    • A chair massager can occasionally cause pain and discomfort, by virtue of the fact that it is a machine. So care must be taken when using a chair massager to prevent pain or injury. It is best to use chair massagers with intensity and speed control.
    • Some chair massagers also allow you to apply heat. Great care needs to be taken to prevent burns. If you are pregnant or you wear a pacemaker, it may be best to avoid using heat altogether.

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