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Why Eleotin is the Best Blood Glucose Control Supplement

February 04, 2019

Diabetes is recognized as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with this epidemic disease while some are not even aware that they have it. The percentage of people who have this chronic disease is quite alarming as it continues to rise every year.


While there are several ways to manage diabetes including doctor prescribed medicines and insulin shots, there is another option – a healthier choice to help you control diabetes in a safer and more natural method.

Have you ever heard of ELEOTIN®? This natural cure for type 2 diabetes and obesity is making waves in the healthcare and medical industry. ELEOTIN® is quickly being recognized as the best treatment for diabetes and even doctors are recommending it to their patients.

ELEOTIN®: Is it Really the Best Natural Cure for Diabetes?

What exactly is ELEOTIN®? This product is a natural food supplement designed to restore the body’s ability to control the blood glucose levels. By managing the blood sugar levels independently, it helps promote a normal glucose metabolism. Hence, it brings your blood sugar levels to a healthy state.

ELEOTIN® assists in repairing the insulin receptors as well as the beta cells in the pancreas which are responsible for producing insulin in our body. Hence, improving the production of insulin which is crucial for people who suffer from diabetes.

The Natural Choice ELEOTIN® Herbal Supplement is made up of all-natural herbal ingredients making it safe to use. Plus, it doesn’t produce any side effects unlike other synthetic drugs.

This natural food product is not just a temporary fix. Instead, it is meant to produce long term effects. As the body becomes capable of controlling the blood glucose levels, your dosage of ELEOTIN® may eventually decrease and even be eliminated over time unlike other medications which do the opposite and only increases. At the same time, taking this food supplement regularly can possibly remove your dependency on medicines and insulin shots in terms of managing your blood sugar levels.

The Ingredients

What is ELEOTIN® made of? ELEOTIN® contains a unique blend of dried roots, stems, leaves, and fruits derived from different kinds of plants. The herbal ingredients are all-natural and manufactured without any chemicals, preservatives or fillers.  


These plants are safe for consumption and are registered with the food regulation in various countries around the world. These ingredients are considered very safe which is why ELEOTIN® is classified in the food category and not drugs.

Some of the main ingredients of ELEOTIN® include Platycodi Radix, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge, Dioscorea Japonica Thunberg, Capsella Bursa, Schizandrae Fructus, and Lycium Chinese. However, in some coutries, ELEOTIN® may use other ingredients depending on their food regulations.

Why Natural Supplements are Better than Drugs

As previously mentioned above, the natural ingredients of ELEOTIN® are classified in the food category and are not considered as a pharmaceutical drug. Therefore, ELEOTIN® is a food product that is unique among other anti-diabetes medications as it offers tons of health benefits.

At first, a lot of people are apprehensive especially since many prefer to stick to conventional treatments rather than alternative treatments. They do not understand how a safe and mild food product can produce powerful effects that can rival synthetic medicines.

However, the reality is that food or herbal blend offers more benefits than chemically-laden drugs as long as it is used in the right way. Synthetic drugs produce side effects and can be harmful to the body’s vital organs over time.

Even though pharmaceutical drugs promote positive results, these effects are only temporary. In the long run, your body will start to develop drug resistance and various side effects. Hence, diabetes medications only produce short term results.

At the same time, the chemicals can put a strain on your body because of its strong concentration on certain body parts and functions. Regular use of synthetic drugs can increase your risk of developing further health complications and may result in permanent damage to your liver and kidneys.

This is where the power of natural ingredients comes in. Proper treatment will help your body function better by restoring its ability to heal itself. Natural products such as the Natural Choice ELEOTIN® Herbal Supplements are far better for your health versus chemical drugs.

Natural food products are highly recommended because not only are they mild and safe but they offer the best treatment for various health issues. ELEOTIN® is by far the most scientifically powerful food and herbal product in the market today.

Who Developed ELEOTIN®

The first group of scientists to develop ELEOTIN® were from the Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Center or JMDRC at the University of Calgary located in Alberta, Canada. JMDRC is one of the leading research facilities that focus on developing cures and preventions of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Following JMDRC’s initial findings, the Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. along with other research facilities cotinued the development.

How ELEOTIN® can Successfully Manage your Glucose Levels

The ingredients found in ELEOTIN® makes it an excellent choice as a food supplement. ELEOTIN® is not only for individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes or have high blood sugar levels. It is also highly recommended for anyone who wants to boost their overall health.


ELEOTIN® improves the body’s ability to cleanse itself through urination. Cleansing your body also strengthens the immune system. In addition, ELEOTIN® also offers essential nutrients to promote a healthy pancreas. ELEOTIN® is also loaded with high-quality fiber making it good for the digestive system.

ELEOTIN® was originally designed for diabetic patients to help them manage their condition more effectively by providing the best support and exceptional health benefits. This natural food product was developed by the leading experts in diabetes. However, whether you have diabetes or not, ELEOTIN® is a superb health food product that is safe for everyone.

ELEOTIN® VS. Other Food Products

Nowadays, people have already embraced the role of natural medicinal herbs in the healthcare industry. According to statistics, an estimate of 1,500 to 2,000 natural ingredents have shown positive effects in managing the blood sugar levels. Hence, doctors and healthcare professionals are offering herbal solutions to their patients.

The medicinal ingredients found in ELEOTIN® are uniquely combined to produce a highly-effective treatment that will significantly benefit people with diabetes. The special blend of herbs were designed to reduce the glucose levels and support the normalcy of its metabolism.

With relentless research and testing based on thousands of herbs and natural substances, scientists were able to combine the most powerful ingredients to help beat diabetes. Hence, the ELEOTIN® is proudly recognized as the best natural food product available in the market. Simply put, there is nothing else like it.

The Advantages of ELEOTIN® Over Other Herbal Products

In comparison to other natural food and herbal products, the Natural Choice ELEOTIN® herbal supplements clearly stands out. So, what makes it special? Here are some of the reasons why the ELEOTIN® herbal capsules should be your go-to health supplement.


  • Developed by the world’s best scientists
ELEOTIN® was origially developed at the Julia McFarlane Diabetes Center in Canada by the world’s leading scientists and researchers. After the initial findings and testings, other prestgious research centers and universities all over the world followed suit. ELEOTIN® was developed by diabetes experts for diabetes patients.
    • Scientifically tested
    After rigorous testing at the JMDRC, ELEOTIN® was proven to be 100% safe. In fact, the scientifc tests done led to the patent of ELEOTIN®. The truth is, not all herbal supplements and medicines have undergone testing.

      However, ELEOTIN® went through extensive tests before it was deemed safe for public cosumption. This natural food product was scientifically tested in both private and government institutions all around the globe and has been recognized for its effectiveness in treating diabetes.

      What also strengthens the claims of ELEOTIN® is that they are clearly identified and scientifically proven. The same cannot be said for other herbal and food products. In fact, most herbal products can only go as far as say that their product “may” help treat a specific ailment and that further research still needs to be done to prove its effects and benefits.

      Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to complications if not treated properly. Therefore, we need to take care of what we put in our body as it can significantly impact our condition. ELEOTIN® is scientifically tested which is why health experts see it as a wonder cure for diabetes.

      • Unique blend of herbs
      As metioned above, there are thousands of herbal substances that promote hypoglemic efefcts. Another advantage of ELEOTIN® is that it is the only roduct that promote the ability to assist in the renegeneration of the insulin receptors in the body.

        While there are various herbal products that promote lower blood sugar levels, it doesn’t function the same way as ELEOTIN® does. Herbal ingredients can only slow down the digestion process so that they can hinder the sugar from being metabolized. This is what experts call artificial induced digestion which acts as a temporary fix.

        Diabtes patients cannot just rely on artificial induced digestion as it can lead to other healthproblems specifically in the gut and immune system. Some herbs only add more strain to the pancreas making the sttuation worse rather than improving it. Thanks to the unique combination of herbal ingredients, ELEOTIN® can offer you longterm benefits and solution.

        Is ELEOTION® the Answer for Diabetes?

        A lot of doctors and patients are raving about ELEOTIN® due to its positive effects on individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, they see ELEOTIN® as an effective treatment for this epidemic disease. ELEOTIN® helps you control and lower the blood glucose levels for a long period of time.

        After using ELEOTIN® for some time, your dependency on your medications and insulin injections may also diminish over time. The same thing goes with your dosage of ELEOTIN®.

        This means that this wonder food product is positively working on improving your health. According to the testimonial of individuals who have used ELEOTIN®, they still continue to enjoy the effects of this food product even after they stopped taking it for two years.

        How does it work? ELEOTIN® promotes the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels and bring it back to its normal levels. Therefore, allowing the body to heal itself.

        Diabetes patients are recommended to take ELEOTIN® to help maintain their blood glucose levels for a long time. Individuals should take ELEOTIN® between 3 to 5 days every month and take ¼ of the standard dosage.

        However, you shouldn’t just rely on this food supplement alone. You need to match it with a healthy lifestyle too.

        Don’t expect ELEOTIN® to bring you back to your pre-diabetes state because it does not remove the root cause of diabetes including its symptoms and complications. On the other hand, ELEOTIN® helps improve these complications and symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include frequent urination, sleeplessness, and numbness.

        In addition to the benefits of ELEOTIN®, this natural food supplement is backed up by science. Hence, the positive results are proven scientifically. There is no room for doubt.

        Understanding ELEOTIN® From a Medical Perspective

        It is crucial for you to understand how ELEOTIN® functions. One important fact is that it works in different ways and has various modes of actions that function towards the same goal. The interaction between these modes of action is known as the ELEOTIN® Combination Effect.


        ELEOTIN® supports the digestive process by breaking down the carbohydrates into glucose at healthier levels. This process prevents any sudden surge in the glucose levels especially after a meal. ELEOTIN® provides natural substances that assist in the digestive process.

        How Safe Is It?

        ELEOTIN® has been scientifically tested. Therefore, you can relax because rest assured that the results of ELEOTIN® have been proven without causing any side effects or damage to any of the internal organs.

        With regards to the ingredients found in ELEOTIN®, they have been used for many generations in various parts of the world. These natural ingredients are recorded in pharmacopeias and are verified safe to use as food. ELEOTIN® has an estimate of 400,000 users all over the world and none has reported any adverse effects on their health.

        With this being said, the proven benefits and safety features of ELEOTIN® make it stand-out among the rest of the medicines and supplements designed for diabetes. ELEOTIN® is a mild food product, therefore, can be used over large quantities over a long period of time.

        The safety of this product has been approved by various countries such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and China to name a few and have issued safety seals for it. In addition, there are independent testing facilities that also approve of the safety of ELEOTIN®.

        This food product does not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides. It is worthy to note that some products use pesticides and herbicides on their herbs. Hence, not all herbs are safe to use.

        The Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. conducts extensive tests on ELEOTIN®. Results show that it does not interact with other types of drugs or treatments. Therefore, ELEOTIN® can be used together with diabetic and hypoglycemic medications without any interference.

        On the other hand, it is always best to consult first with your doctor before taking any pills with ELEOTIN®. Even though it doesn’t cause negative effects with other medicines, there is still a possibility of a drug reaction.

        Can I Take ELEOTIN® With Other Medications?

        You can use ELEOTIN® together with other medicines. However, as we mentioned above, always discuss this first with your doctor. Your doctor will help you devise the best plan to treat your diabetes while you monitor your condition and blood sugar levels.

        Monitoring your blood glucose levels closely will help you determine whether you can reduce your dosage of medications and insulin shots. Otherwise, if you continue to use the same amount of hypoglycemic medicines after regular intake of ELEOTIN®, you may increase your risk of hypoglycemia where your blood sugar goes low especially after experiencing the long term benefits of this food product.

        The same goes if you keep on using the same dosage insulin medications long after experiencing the effects of ELEOTIN®. After the body is able to control the blood sugar levels after taking ELEOTIN®, make sure you regularly monitor the developments in your glucose levels to prevent too low or unhealthy levels.

        ELEOTIN® works by boosting the insulin receptors and pancreas in a safe and natural way. Hence, it will not endanger your health in any way. You can also take other supplements such as the Real Unique Formula Fatty Liver Protector to boost your liver health.

        Will I Develop Any Negative Side Effects?

        Based on thousands of users, they did not experience any negative side effects after taking ELEOTIN®. Only 3 out of 40,000 reported a minor reaction in their digestion such as temporary diarrhea or constipation caused by too much fiber in ELEOTIN®.

        In such situations, the users were sensitive to the high fiber content found in ELEOTIN®. The solution was to lower their dosage which afterward did not produce any reactions at all.

        Overall, ELEOTIN® offers numerous positive benefits. Here are some of the effects of this food product.

        • Controls your blood glucose levels.
        • Improves overall health.
        • Boosts energy.
        • Better sleep.
        • Less frequent urinations.
        • Improves vision.
        • Better skin.

        ELEOTIN® not only helps manage the glucose levels but it also assists in other types of health problems to prevent further complications. Diabetes is known to be the source of various illnesses and complications.

        Hence, treating the root cause is crucial to the success of your diabetes treatment. Using ELEOTIN® to treat other related health issues is also important in gaining positive results.

        Can Your Blood Sugar Levels Increase After Taking ELEOTIN®?

        According to statistics, only a handful of users experienced an increase in their blood sugar levels after they took ELEOTIN®. The main reason for this is that these users decided to stop using their medications before they even started to experience the full effects of ELEOTIN®.

        Remember, when you first start taking ELEOTIN®, you should continue your current medications and treatments. It is important to continue this until you see the full impact of ELEOTIN® on your blood glucose levels. However, you must be patient because even though the effects of ELEOTIN® may take some time to show, the impact will be long-term unlike prescribed medicines which only serve as a quick fix.


        Another possible reason for the rise in your sugar levels may be due to the effects of detoxification or also referred to as the homeopathic symptom. In this scenario, users may experience an increase in their blood glucose levels for a couple of weeks but will eventually subside once the effects of ELEOTIN® takes place.

        This symptom affects people whose bodies are not used to taking herbal treatments. This can cause some minor side effects such as mild headaches and dizziness. However, you should not panic because these symptoms are only temporary.

        The body is designed to quickly adjust to all kinds of herbal treatments which is why this is not a major issue at all. Nonetheless, if your experience the homeopathic symptom, you should just limit your dosage by half to a quarter of the standard dosage. Once the symptoms do not reappear, you can go back to your recommended dosage.

        Although this may be rare, some people who have kidney and liver problems may see an increase in their blood glucose levels when taking ELEOTIN® However, this will also happen once they take any kind of herbal product.

        The herbal products have the tendency to stimulate the release of glucose stored in the liver. Hence, people with liver and kidney problems are encouraged to avoid herbal products.

        However, should they decide to take ELEOTIN®, they should start at a low amount of 1/8th of the recommended dosage. Once their liver and kidney condition starts to improve, they can switch to the recommended dosage. Remember to always consult your doctor first.

        What to Expect

        Some diabetic patients are anxious to see the results immediately after taking ELEOTIN®. In fact, some even go as far as to say that their diabetes is finally cured once they see the improvements in their condition. However, they should be aware that they will have to go through some highs and lows before they even begin to conclude that their treatment is indeed, working.

        The road to diabetes is a long and challenging path. However, with patience, consistency and determination, you’ll get eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

        Before you finally say you are cured of diabetes, you need to monitor the levels of your glucose, C-Peptide, Plasma Insulin, and HbA1c to see if the effects of the treatment. Just because you’ve seen a dip in your blood sugar levels in the first couple of days or weeks does not mean that you are already out of the woods.

        Safety Precautions

        In case you are taking ELEOTIN® in conjunction with other oral hypoglycemic medications, you should check your blood glucose levels closely and regularly. Once you the effects of ELEOTIN® start to take effect on you, you can expect your blood sugar levels to go down. Since you are also taking hypoglycemic medications, will also result in low glucose levels or hypoglycemia.

        Hence, it is highly advised that you should consult your doctor first before making any changes or additions to your current medications. Your doctor will determine whether you should reduce the dosage of your medicines once you start feeling the effects of ELEOTIN® on your body. As a precaution, do not stop using your hypoglycemia medications prematurely because it may lead to complications or other health issues instead of treating your condition.  

        Products Similar to ELEOTIN®

        Technically, there isn’t any other product that can function exactly the same way as ELEOTIN®. However, dried silkworms are known to have similar effects as this food product. Dried silkworms are commonly used to treat diabetes in countries like Korea and China.

        They also have similar functions to ELEOTIN® in terms of lowering the blood sugar levels. The carbohydrates are prevented from being broken down to glucose. Their difference from ELEOTIN® is they tend to cause side-effects including diarrhea, flatulence, indigestion and in some cases, a weak immune system.

        ELEOTIN®, on the other hand, has no adverse side effects. It does not block decomposition and instead promotes delay of the decomposition which in effects allows the body to get the full benefits of it.

        Taking ELEOTIN® with Other Foods

        Generally, everyone has different reactions to various types of food. In this case, there is no guarantee that there will be zero reactions. However, since ELEOTIN® is produced from 100% natural ingredients, it does not interact with other types of foods that we normally eat on a daily basis. Also, because it is made up of mild natural ingredients, it does not react to other substances.


        One thing you should definitely avoid when taking any type of herbal treatment is alcohol. The consumption of alcohol will only defeat the purpose of taking ELEOTIN® or other herbal products because it will only delay and reduce the effects of it. Instead of treating your ailment, alcohol will only impede the effectiveness of ELEOTIN® and other herbal products.

        If possible, limit or better yet, avoid drinking alcohol completely especially when you’re taking ELEOTIN®. When you have alcohol in your system, it washes out the effects of the herbal ingredients. The medicinal properties of the herbs are flushed out from your body as soon as alcohol enters your system.


        In addition to taking medications, supplements, and insulin shots for your diabetes, it’s important to understand that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, your treatment plan will just be a waste of time if you continue to consume unhealthy foods that are bad for your blood sugar levels.

        While there are no restrictions when it comes to food except for alcohol, make sure that you follow a healthy diet, lose excess weight, and exercise regularly. Add the Natera Hemp Seed Hearts to your diet to improve your overall health.

        Natural Foods Vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs

        When it comes to comparing natural foods versus pharmaceutical drugs, there’s a stark difference, especially in its ingredients. Natural or herbal foods contain gentle and mild ingredients, unlike pharmaceutical drugs that are infused with strong chemicals that can potentially harm our internal organs or result in various complications.


        Synthetic drugs activate a stimulus which produces a positive effect on our bodies. However, this effect is just temporary. This short term relief can lead to drug resistance as well as other negative side effects.

        On the other hand, natural and herbal foods act as a healthier alternative to strong chemical drugs. Natural foods enable the body to heal naturally by restoring its balance. The body doesn’t require strong chemicals in order to do this. Hence, with proper treatment, our bodies can function better.

        Using Synthetic Drugs in Treating Diabetes

        Diabetes is a serious condition that requires long periods of treatment. The chemical drugs used in treating this disease show positive but short term effects. This type of medication affects just one or two metabolic processes and may not improve the entire metabolism of this disease.

        Instead, it promotes toxicity and strains the body due to its strong chemical content. This being said, it can potentially lead to serious damage in the organs instead of treating your condition.

        Using Natural Drugs in Treating Diabetes

        Using natural or herbal products is more beneficial compared to synthetic drugs. Since chemical drugs only promote temporary effects in your glucose control, long-term use can only cause serious damage to your kidneys and liver. The powerful and toxic concentration of synthetic drugs can also result in unwanted side effects.

        Therefore, the use of natural food and herbal products is highly recommended as they are safe and gentle. Plus, they do not produce any adverse effects.

        Eleotin®: The Best Product for Blood Glucose Control

        The unique blend of herbals in Eleotin® makes it an excellent food supplement for everyone. Since Eleotin® is a safe and mild food product, anyone can use it even without diabetes. It supports not only your pancreas and liver but your general health too.

        On the other hand, people who suffer from diabetes will benefit from Eleotin® significantly. Eleotin® is loaded with high-quality fiber to help boost your overall health. At the same time, it provides your pancreas with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.

        Eleotin® can support your body’s ability to purify itself from impurities. This promotes the strengthening of the immune system.

        These functions make Eleotin® an excellent food product for everyone who wants to improve their health. It is developed by leading experts in diabetes to support individuals who suffer the disease because diabetes patients require support when managing their condition.

        Having said, diabetes patients are able to maximize the benefits of Eleotin® compared to non-diabetic individuals because, in addition, it can help lower their blood sugar levels.

        Eleotin®: The Best Herbal Combination

        There are more than a hundred varieties of diabetes products that are launched in the market yearly. However, many of them are already out of business. Eleotin®, on the other hand, was first developed in 1997 and is going strong for more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of users are currently enjoying the health benefits if this food product.


        With an estimate of 1,500 to 2,000 natural herbal substances, scientists were able to find the best combination of herbs which were developed for Eleotin®. These natural substances are known to have positive effects on the health and through rigorous testing, the experts were able to identify the most unique combination of herbs that produce the best results for blood glucose control.  

        Eleotin® works by allowing the body to naturally control the blood glucose levels. This assists the body in restoring its blood glucose levels to healthy levels. Eleotin® is developed with medicinal herbs that promote glucose normalcy.

        These medicinal herbs are gentle to the body, unlike strong synthetic medications that are packed with chemicals that can result in organ damage with long-term use. The combination of herbs found in Eleotin® produce two powerful effects such as mutual cancellation and synergy.

        This means that the blend of the herbs in Eleotin® helps assist and strengthen each other’s roles so that cumulatively, they can provide the best benefits for the user. Meanwhile, through mutual cancellation, they also reduce the toxicity level of each herb as well as any adverse effects. As explained in Bülgi’s Principle, there are specific combinations of herbs whose collective effects are bigger than the sum of each herb’s individual effect.

        Eleotin®: Scientifically Tested and Proven

        Based on thousands of herbs available, it appears that Eleotin® is the only product that has the proven ability to assist the body in restoring the insulin receptors or beta cells which is crucial for people who want to manage their blood glucose levels.

        Some herbal products claim to have the ability to lower the blood sugar levels by blocking the metabolization of carbs from being digested. This slows down the digestion process. This means that it can artificially induce indigestion.

        Once this happens, it can lower your blood sugar levels but only temporarily. Diabetic patients cannot rely on it when it comes to long-term use. Otherwise, over time, your body can have a weaker immune system or leaky gut problems among many others.

        The secretion from herbs can add more strain to a damaged pancreas. Hence, herbs can provide temporary relief instead of a long-term solution. Eleotin®, on the other hand, offers long-term solutions. This is why Eleotin® has the best combination of herbal ingredients in the market today.

        Eleotin®: Most Recommended Natural Product for Blood Glucose Control

        After giving you a lowdown on how herbal products work, its time you shift your focus from other blood glucose supplements that claim they can do the job. Eleotin® is scientifically proven that it works.

        In fact, thousands of doctors are recommending Eleotin® to their patients. It is also clinically tested and researched by various universities and government facilities.

        A number of professional medical associations strongly recommend the use of Eleotin® especially for individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Hundreds and thousands of users continue to enjoy and maximize the benefits of this natural food product. The list goes on.

        Why You Should Use Eleotin® Herbal Supplements

        Here are just some of the reasons why you should make the Natural Choice Eleotin® Herbal Capsules part of your diet.

        • Supports healthy levels of blood glucose.
        • Allows your body to control the blood sugar naturally.
        • Clinically proven to work according to various research facilities.
        • There are 500,000 satisfied consumers.
        • Contains a unique blend of herbal ingredients that effectively supports glucose control.
        • Works better compared to other herbal products in the market.
        • Proven 100 % safe to use.
        • Non-diabetes users can consume it too.

        Natural Choice Eleotin® Formulas

        The Natural Choice Eleotin® formula features three blends with each bottle containing 30 capsules. As a gentle reminder for people with type 2 diabetes, you need to take Eleotin® continuously for at least 6 months. Do not stop taking Eleotin® just because you see improvement in your condition.

        Be patient when taking Eleotin® because just like any other treatment, it takes time for your body to adjust to it. So, be patient because the results aren’t instant. However, once you see improvement in your blood glucose levels and notice other significant changes in your health, consult your doctor immediately.

        1. Blend A (Morning formula) – Designed to help maintain a healthy level of blood sugar after a meal. The morning formula should be taken before eating breakfast.
        2. Blend B (Afternoon formula) – Developed to improve the insulin receptors or beta cells to allow the cells to have better absorption of glucose. The afternoon formula should be taken between lunch and dinner.
        3. Blend C (Night formula) - Provides essential nutrients to strengthen the pancreas so that it performs properly. The night formula should be taken at least one hour before bedtime.

        eleotin herbal supplements

        If you’re a mild diabetic, you can expect to see results less than 3 years. However, you’ll start feeling the benefits of Eleotin® within the first 3 months. For moderate diabetics, expect results less than 6 years. The benefits of Eleotin® will start to show in 3 to 6 months of consumption.

        Meanwhile, if you suffer from severe diabetes, expect to feel results 6 years or more. The benefits of Eleotin® will start to manifest between 6 to 12 months of usage.

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