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Best Neck Massager Reviews Before buying

November 11, 2016

Are you using a computer or laptop extensively for a long hours?  Or are driving for long periods of time that cause stiff, sore, and neck discomfort?  

A stiff and sore neck can lead to headaches, illness, and stress if left ignored and untreated. Seeing a medical doctor or a massage therapist is not always practical or convenient and it can be very costly.

Neck Massager Machine to Alleviate Sore and Stiff Neck Problems

Is your stress is so bad you want to wring somebody’s neck?

As we go through our hectic lives, we very often encounter stressful situations that are so bad, we just want to wring somebody’s neck.

This it is no wonder why human beings can benefit greatly, quite literally, from having our necks wrung using a neck massager machine.

Of course, very often, neck massages are also performed in conjunction with shoulder massages as well. After all, the neck is supported by the shoulders, isn’t it? So it goes without saying that the shoulders also bear the burden of a lot of stress and tension as they carry the weight of your neck and head all day long.

How about a little “necking” love?

One of the most popular parts of the body that garners a lot of attention in the world of massaging is the neck.

Let’s face it. You use your neck all day long. Your neck muscles support that big head of yours, building up pent up tension, as you turn the crane of your mane from left and right, up and down, all day long.

The neck muscles play an extremely important role in your body, yet it is one that we all take for granted. And that is why neck massages are a popular favorite.

And that is why neck massages always feel so refreshingly good.

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Time for a Soothing Massage Therapy For Your Stiff Neck

If your neck tenses up too much, it can lose its flexibility and cause all sorts of problems.

  • Thus you end up with the “stiff neck syndrome”.
  • As a matter of fact, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, and you find yourself tossing and turning too much, or if you sleep with your head on one side for most of the night, you can also end up with a stiff neck as well.
  • Massage therapy with a neck massager can help to alleviate some of this tension and stiffness, and restore flexibility to your neck muscles.

Massage Therapy Works For Pinched Nerves As Well

Sometimes the nerves in your upper body that connect the head and the torso can become pinched or compressed, causing problems ranging from headaches, to tingling sensations, to even pain in lower extremities of the body such as the hands.

Using a neck massager can help free up these pinched nerves and alleviate some of this debilitating pain and discomfort.

How Neck Massager Machine Can You Save Time and Money

A one-time purchase of a neck massager is a practical and cost effective solution for relieving neck discomfort. You will save a significant amount of money and time by not having to visit a massage therapist.

A neck massager is easy to use. While sitting or lying down, simply press the start button to start a relieving and soothing neck massage. The vibrating and rotating massage heads will effectively loosen a stiff and sore neck in the comfort of your own home or office. Neck massagers can also be equipped with infrared heat emission to further enhance the massage experience.

How to choose the right Neck massager for You?

Today's neck massagers have become more comfortable than ever. Most neck massagers have vibrating and rotating massage heads that are padded and can be adjusted for your comfort level. Some neck massagers are equipped with an infrared heat-emitting surface to allow the user to experience the benefits of infrared heat.

With your own neck massager, you will receive relaxing and soothing neck pain relief at your convenience. Imagine feeling refreshed and relaxed every day!

Different Types of Neck Massagers Available

There are many different variations of neck massagers.

  • Neck Massage pillow
    You ergonomically place this portable device on your shoulders and wrap it around your neck, as it gently administers a massage.
  • Massage chair to reach your neck
    Some massage chairs have neck massager attachments, or the massage chair back itself is tall enough that it can reach your neck as it traverses the entire back of your body.
  • Neck massager machine
    Some of these look like variations of a hair dryer. Some of these are small devices that fit in the palm of your hand. You hold it in your hand and run it along your neck. (Or someone else can hold it and administer the massage upon you.)

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Safety Issues With Neck Massagers

Since the neck is obviously a very important and very sensitive part of the body, you need to exercise caution when using certain neck massagers.

  • Be careful not to pinch or poke your neck.
  • Be careful not to apply too much pressure on your neck.
  • Be careful not to end up in a “choke hold” with a neck massager. Make sure that the device cannot fully wrap itself around your neck.

Make sure that the neck massager has pressure and / or speed controls to ensure that the experience isn’t painful or cannot lead to injury.

Vita Activate is the place

If you are looking for a neck massager with vibrating and rotating massage heads or one that includes infrared heat emission, the Chi Massager Store has the ideal neck massager for you. Neck massagers can also be used for the waist, neck, abdomen, and legs.

A neck massager is an ideal gift for almost any occasion. It's a durable and practical device that can be used anytime indoors to relieve stress, fatigue, and pain.

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