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Top 5 Foot Scrubber To Revolutionize Your Bathing Experience!

March 03, 2017

Foot washing has always been an enigma we have all craved a solution to. From bending at awkward angles to searching out a means of reaching that one right spot at the curve of the foot, we have all had our share of foot cleaning craziness. The foot cleaning process is not only quite uncomfortable but also very risky.

The dangers of slipping and tripping are always there and so is the need of a practical, comfortable and efficient foot cleaner.

In the light of the contemporary need for a good foot-washer following are some scrubbers and cleaners that you will not regret investing in!

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Comfort Foot Scrubber By Vita Activate

Vita Activate Comfort Foot Scrubber comes equipped with rubber suction cups that stick to the bathroom floor and allow you to efficiently scrub your feet while standing in one spot. This feature of the scrubber makes it accident proof and ensures your safety.

It’s unique design and fine bristles allow your feet to be deeply cleansed by scraping off the dead skin and softening your skin. Its bristles are designed in such a way that they reach around every curve of your foot making sure that all the grime, dirt and extra oil is brushed away.

The most amazing thing about the Vita Activate Comfort Foot Scrubber is that it also doubles as a foot massager and can be used to soothe out all the rigidity and tension from your feet. This soothing sensation, mixed with the bubbly softness of soap and bath scents is guaranteed to enhance your bathing experience!

The scrubber also comes with an instruction manual comprising of three easy steps that help you go through a proper cleaning experience. You are to with the help of the suction cups, secure the Vita Activate® Comfort Foot Scrubber on the floor, apply some soap on its bristles, secure your balance and place your foot on top of the bristles moving it back and forth till you are satisfied, for proper cleaning.

The Durable ergonomic bristles that ensure proper scrubbing, the Durable heavy rubber base with suction cups that ensures safety and the overall experience of Effective deep cleansing make the Vita Activate Scrubber shine out as a foot-washer among all its peers!

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Scheam Bamboo Bath Brush For Back Scrubber

Image result for Scheme Bamboo Bath Brush For Back Scrubber

Scheam Bamboo Bath Brush is a double sided, long handled, dual use, a unisex cleaning product that comes with a pack of Free Scrubbing Exfoliating Gloves.

Its body is shaped out of a good quality durable material and is good both for wet scrubbing and dry body brushing. It comes with the promise of a smoother, soother and healthier skin with reduced cellulite. It can also be used as a massager and comes with 90 days money-back warranty. In comparison to its peers its design is simple and conventional but as an overall product within this price range, it is indeed a good purchase!

100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush With Contoured Wooden Handle

Image result for Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush by Touch Me

Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush by Touch Me comes with a Contoured Handle made out of good quality wood. Its bristles are claimed to be 100% Natural boar Bristles and are promised to properly cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Its handle is uniquely shaped for convenient cleaning and it also has a cotton loop for hanging it in a well-ventilated place to dry after use.

It is on a whole a good product and might prove to be a genuinely modest investment.

Aisilk 7'' Foot Earth Lave Pumice Stone Bristle Brush Combo Exfoliator Pedicures Smoother

Image result for Aisilk 7'' Foot Earth Lave Pumice Stone Bristle Brush Combo Exfoliator Pedicures Smoother

Aisilk 7'' Foot Brush is a dual sided multipurpose brush that has one side made out of natural Egyptian volcanic pumice stone and the other made out of soft bristles. It can serve the purpose of an exfoliator, a massager, a foot washer, a dead skin remover, a nail tender, and pedicures. It comes with a hoop for hanging after use, too. Aisilk 2in1 Bristle Brush & Pumice Stone might prove to be a good investment considering the entire package! 

Fuller Brush Foot & Body Brush

Fuller Brush foot and body brush is a 27-1/2" product that has a long reach due to its lengthy design. Its top end is covered in wrappings of a rust resistant wire that help in scrapping off the grime and dirt. It can be used to reach the back and feet by bending and can be rubbed back and forth for cleaning. It is not very different from your everyday fluffers and scrubbers. It has a long handle made out of a durable plastic that provides an easy grip.

Fluffer brush foot and body brush is a handy tool for cleaning but is not necessarily accident proof as it has a simple conventional design that requires the usual effort of bending to scrub. Overall it is a good investment as far as an average cleaning experience is concerned.


All above mentioned foot washers have their own pros and cons and their relative efficiency might depend on the requirements of the buyer.

But as a general analysis SpaSens Vita Activate Comfort Foot Scrubber, having been equipped with proper safety measures that come in the form of rubber suction cups seems to be the best of all the choices. It is not only safe, convenient and comfortable to use but is also multitasking and multipurpose serving. It can be easily doubled as a massager and has been intricately designed for specifically serving the needs of foot hygiene. It will not only prove to be a wise investment but will also ensure your safety and convenience!

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