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Choosing the Best Epilator 2016 - Customer Reviews

May 18, 2016 1 Comment

Best Epilators Compared

In an age of multiple techniques being employed to remove unwanted hairs on your bodies, epilating is by far the most suitable when it comes to hair removal. It is a relatively painless technique and is so easy to execute, you could do it at the comfort of your home.

Although it is true that each epilator behaves differently and reacts in a unique way depending on your skin type, choosing the right epilator is not as difficult as people make it out to be. Allow me to ease your job of finding the best epilator by comparing the deciding factors of choosing epilators.

An epilating device that sets perfectly on one woman’s skin might not be suitable for another woman as each epilator reacts differently on each skin type. Skin types vary according to the chemical and physical properties of each person’s body. The water content, sensitivity level, oil content all determine the type of skin a person has. Determining which skin type you possess is extremely important when you plan on using make up products, which obviously is a necessity. Therefore, you might have to try multiple epilators before you find the perfect match for your skin type.

 But the epilators that suits your skin might not be the best ones for you in terms of functionality and ease of use. In short, those products might not be good enough for you and may turn out to be a complete waste of time and money for you. Hence our review of the product that we believe is best as far as functionality, ease of use and time taken to remove hairs is concerned.

Enter the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator!

The only hair removing device you will ever need. It comes with out of the box;

  1. Tweezer head to pluck out hair
  2. A shaver to get rid of hair permanently
  3. A brush to clean the head of the epilator
  4. Scrubbing pad
  5. A chargeable base
  6. And an epilator, ofcourse!

The 3 removable heads namely the shaver, the epilator and the tweezer means that you can easily switch between the modes and remove hair accordingly. This is an innovative new way for an epilator to be used and the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator provides these unique functionalities all in a single epilator!

Now to get into the details of how the Fyola epilator stands out amongst its competitors.

Check out the Fyola 4-in-1 Epilator Here

Shaving Area:

The wide shaving head on the Fyola ensures that the maximum amount of hairs is plucked out with each stroke. Also it picks out even the smallest of hairs so that you get smooth skin. The Fyola epilator will make your skin smoother than it has ever been with the least amount of pain possible. With an extra-ordinary 40% extra shaving area than the traditional epilators you will find on the market, this is the best device you will come across for a very long time.

Ease of use:

The Fyola epilator is extremely easy to use. It is cordless so there are no wires that you have to worry about being tangled in. Neither do you require a switch board so you are free to use it where ever you go. It is conveniently portable so it is best for use if you are travelling abroad and staying in a new place where a matching socket board may not be available.

Its’ negligible weight of 0.2 lbs means that it is extremely light to carry and use as well.

Feel on skin:

Most epilators remove hair in a relatively painful manner. This is where our product stands out as the best epilator out there. We value your comfort above everything else that is why the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator is extremely gentle on the skin so that you do not feel a lot of pain as compared to the pain factor of using other products on the market.

Smoothness of skin:

As mentioned earlier, each skin type reacts towards each epilator differently. The Fyola 4 in 1 epilator however, has been designed and manufactured in such a manner that you do not have to worry about your skin type at all. It is so comfortable and gentle on the skin that women with even the most sensitive of skin types can use this epilator without having to worry about their skin being irritated.

Forget about discovering what type of skin you have and epilate away!


Another important factor that has to be considered while selecting the right epilator for yourself is the time taken to remove the hair. Some epilators on the market are slow in removing hair so it takes longer to get rid of the hair.

In comparison, the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator removes hair at an incredibly fast rate, so you get rid of the unwanted hair as soon as possible without spending much time on the procedure itself.

Epilating speed:

This is the speed with which the epilator will move and that in turn will determine the smoothness of the skin part that you are about to shave. The requirements for each part of the body are different so an epilator must have different speeds. While some of the devices manufactured by our competitors are devoid of this basic yet extremely important feature, the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator provides 2 different speed levels for use on different parts of the body.

After all, what good is an epilator if you can only use it on your legs or arms but not on your upper lips or bikini line?


And we reach the final and most important of all factors while deciding the device you should buy. Our competitors are offering the same features with roughly the same amazing quality in the price bracket of $100-$150.

However, The Fyola 4 in 1 epilator is priced at $34.00. You read that right. Our competitors are charging almost 3 times the price of our own device. Keeping in mind the factors that we have discussed above in this article, do you really think paying 3 times the money will be a smart move? Of course not.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order for the Fyola 4 in 1 epilator today and enjoy the wonders of our product!

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October 07, 2016

Best I have ever used is the electric epilator Karmin

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