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Back Stretcher Reviews (2nd and 3rd Edition) - Complete Guide To Stretch Away Back Pain

October 24, 2018

ChiSoft Back Stretcher (2nd Edition) - The Only Back Stretching Device Recommended and Seen On Doctor Oz TV

Improves Flexibility and Relieves Chronic Back Pain and Discomfort Within Minutes made with High-Quality Top of the Line Material


Are You Experiencing Irritating Back Problems Such as These? - Upper, middle, lower back discomfort or muscle stiffness, Herniated disc, poor posture alignment, Chronic back pain, scatia Leg pain, aching or stiffness along the spine, chronic pain in tailbone, muscle tension, Bad circulation in the regions of back or have requent spasms within the tissues of your back
This ultimate back pain relief product that was shown on TV and was used by thousands of customers for many years. With light weight design that allows for three different arch angles to stretch your back, chronic soreness, aches, and pain can be alleviated with real professional results. Muscle tension and poor spinal alignment can be relieved and adjusted with regular usage of this back stretcher just five minutes per day.


Then ChiSoft Spinal Back Stretcher (3rd Edition) with Extra Comfy Silicon Cover is here to help!

If you’re having difficulty with your back, we have a solution for you to fix it while improving your posture as well. There are two major reasons for back disorders, over-worked back and poor posture.
  • Alleviate strains and pains by simply stretching your back
  • Massage Pressure Points - the acupressure points offer precision massages to improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism
  • Provide deep lumbar tissue release by adding pressure to the tight muscles along your back.
  • No. 1 Rated back stretching device by Doctor Oz on TV

Tough ABS Plastic

The most strongest and durable material used in the economy today is the profound ABS plastic that is known world wide. Manufactured with precssion. It supports up to 200 lbs of pure muscle mass. It does not falter on any condition and is a trustworthy material that is sure to last for a life time. The strength of the ABS plastic is no doubt the best to lean on. ABS Plastic is sure to fit snug against your spine for extra added support.

3 Adjustable Arch Angles

Multi-level & light-weight design with three different arch angles allow for deeper and controlled stretch within the lower, middle, upper regions of the back. Our back stretcher is designed to lengthen these tightened muscles (especially the shoulders, pectoral muscles, and neck). These Muscles include the front deltoids, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, trapezius, and scalenes. It is easy to assemble, easy to put away, and highly durable with high quality plastic. Helps correct poor posture which mandatory pulls the shoulders back, chest out, and head straight forward.

Chair Attachment

To combat lower back pain, it is important to provide added support in the lumbar area while sitting. The extra back strap has you covered. Supportive straps and features a custom band level of assistance wrapping around the back stretcher while being used on a chair gives added comfort and effectiveness. Useful for sitting for long periods of time in-front of the computer for great posture correction.

Massage Pressure Points

Acupressure points offer precision massages to improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism + also provide deep lumbar tissue release by adding pressure to the tight muscles along your back.

Get 2 Comfy Cushion Foams

The green cushion foam support is installed to add extra backing to the spine area. It makes it comfortable and easy to lay on. The spine is protected so it can stretch the back with ease and comfortability. 

You can enjoy a relaxing stretch without having to worry about the spine being exposed to hard plastic. It can easy lay on the green cushion lumbar support safe and sound.


We Decided to Throw in a Few Other Complimentary Goodies for You to Enjoy to Promote a Healthy and Carefree Daily Lifestyle!


Trigger Point Massage Ball - Benefits

Don't let this simple, small device fool you, it packs a whole lot punch in terms of benefiting your body. This massage ball  

- To develop circulation within the regions of your body that limits blood flow. 

- awakens trigger points within the specific areas of the body cultivating and reviving stiff muscles to increase body awareness. 

- helps to improve flexibility of your joints targeting rehabilitation and enhanced range of motion. 

- Works on releasing toxins that are built up and expelling them out of your precious body.

You Get Two Lumbar Support Foam - for Easy Replacement

We like to keep our customers ultimately happy, so we decided to collect information of what they want to add to the back stretcher. And the collective whole agreed that it was a good idea to throw in a free replacement foam with the back stretcher. 

The data stated 60% of customers use the back stretcher at least once or twice a day. And after 1 year of use the green lumbar support foam would wear out a little or they would end up misplacing it. So with help from our beloved valued customers the Free Foam Replacement is for you!


 3rd Edition Back Stretcher

Magnetic Acupressure points offer precision massages to improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism and also provide deep lumbar tissue release by adding pressure to the tight muscles along your back.
Easy to assemble, easy to put away, and highly durable with high quality plastic.
Helps correct poor posture which mandatory pulls the shoulders back, chest out, and head straight forward.
More Durable Than Others and Lightweight Design
  • Convenient assembly has made it simple to use anywhere, portable and durable you can take it to your work, home, or fitness centre.
  • One-of-a-kind back stretcher supports up to 200 lbs of body mass.
  • Gives much needed stretch to support your back to optimize flexibility within your joints.
  • Most strongest and durable material used in the economy today is the profound ABS plastic that is known world wide.
  • Manufactured with precision.
A trustworthy material that is sure to last for a life time. The strength of the ABS plastic is no doubt the best to lean on. ABS Plastic is sure to fit snug against your spine for extra added support. Start living the life you deserve.



Example 1. Common Postural Problems
Poor Posture Irritates the Muscles in the Neck Connected to the Skull Placement on Your Head Causes Serious Headaches and Migraines.
The harmful effects of bad posture is important to address in your early stages of your life. The faster you pin-point the problems the faster you get the solutions for those back issues that have been crippling you. Poor posture (from long term sitting and lack of awareness) can eventually lead to back pain and complications due to shortened muscles that eventually become inactive.
  • Slouched over hanging shoulders, hunched back, forward head carriage, shoulder tilt, pelvic posterior tilt, pelvic anterior tilt and flat feet
These are the negative effects and symptoms of having bad damaging posture. These symptoms are accompanied with soreness, pain, blocked blood circulation, negative moods, poor digestion, low self-esteem, fatigue and dis-motivation. When you slouch your whole body over to where it dis-aligns the organs of your body and those organs start to suffer. When organs are tightly bunched up together it creates a hand full of various problems such as the ones mentioned above.
back posture correction
Example 2. Reaping the Benefits of Great Posture
One of the main benefits of using our doctor recommended back stretcher is posture correction. When proper alignment of the spine is achieved by using the back stretcher the spine will have normal curves, thoracic, lumbar, and cervical. This alleviates the spine from future abnormal positions. Helps joints, muscles, and tissues in it's natural growing states. You will then have great muscle flexibility, preventing muscular pain and back ache. It also allows you to use less energy than needed when you have better posture. It will promote awareness of your surroundings, building confidence in your workplace and throughout your daily tasks.The trigger points on our back stretcher also provide deep lumbar tissue release by adding pressure to the tight muscles along your back. Using this product daily is an effective tool to gradually relieve back pain and correct your posture.

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