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Alex Text Neck Corrector - A Great Device to Improve Your Neck Posture

March 05, 2017

Your neck is a flexible part of your body to support the weight of your head. It is vulnerable to conditions and injuries to cause pain and restrict motion. Neck problems may cause due to muscle strains and worn joints. Overuse of muscles, such as working on smartphone or computer for too many hours, trigger muscle strain.

Minor things, such as gritting teeth, or reading in bed, can strain your neck muscles. Similar to other joints in the body, neck joints wear down with age. Osteoarthritis causes cartilage (cushions) between your vertebrae (bones) to deteriorate. Your body may firm bone spurs to affect the motion of joint and cause pain. Straining in the soft tissues of your neck and particular diseases, such as cancer, meningitis or rheumatoid arthritis can cause neck pain.   

How can Alex Text Neck Device Solve the issue?

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You can beat neck pain with the help of Text Neck Corrector Vita Activate. This device can perfectly measure the head position and neck angle to avoid neck pain caused by using tablets and smartphones. It helps you to track your progress and finally monitor your posture with the aid of a mobile app. This device is good to correct your neck posture because this discreet and sleek wearable can sit comfortably around your neck. This device gently vibrates as you slouch in a poor posture. This device coaches you toward a pain-free and balanced position. With its long-lasting battery life, it may last up to 7 days with one charging. 


Top Benefits of Alex Text Neck Device Provide by Vita Activate

Alex posture coach device is a wearable posture tracker and coach. It is easy to wear to measure the angle of neck and position of head accurately. You can put this device at the end of your neck to address the causes of poor posture.

Looking down at the smartphone or laptop for a longer period may cause stiffness and soreness in spine and neck. This device reduces your pain and measure the position of head and angle of the neck. It will help you to manage a better posture on a regular basis.

Vita Activate can gently sit on the rear of your neck and track the angle and position of your neck and head, according to your body. If you sit or stand in a wrong posture for a few minutes, this special device will vibrate to give you an alert. This app helps you to track and monitor your progress in real times. This device works in the following ways:

Improve Your Neck Posture

The bad posture of your neck can damage your spine and neck over time. It enables you to prevent bad posture and practice it with the help of this device.

Get Instant Alerts

Vita Activate will immediately vibrate as it detects your bad posture. You will get instant alerts about your incorrect posture and improve it with the passage of time.

Monitor Your Performance

Your data will be available in its app, and you can see your regular, monthly and annual progress.

As per health quest, almost 45 percent of today’s workers are suffering from neck pain and 85 percent population of the United States suffers from back and neck pain at a particular point in their life. Text neck and forward posture of the head are often caused by bending or leaning your neck forward for a longer period. It may lead you to long-term complications, such as chronic pain in the neck and cause cervical herniated intervertebral discs.  

How to Wear it Properly?

It is quite easy to wear this device properly, such as unfold its legs on both sides and the legs should look like “11” as you view it from above. Move this device to the rear of your head and hang over ears. Compress its folded part of the leg as much as possible to manage a good posture. You have to choose calibration option on its app and try to move your head to confirm the movement of the avatar. Move sensor up to sync your avatar correctly to the movement of your neck.

Check Past Neck Posture

On the home screen of Vita Activate app, you can check your posture for a particular day by touching the black circle. There will be green bars in a light color on the graph to represent total time you make a good posture and dark green bars represent the actual time for an active posture. You can slide this graph from right to left to view your scores. There will be a green dotted line to represent your goals. The circular graph will organize your score, and you can press arrow button to check your previous data.

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