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Get Sexy Slim Legs with Leg Massager? The Truth Is…

December 08, 2017

Slim, strong legs are something so many of us work so hard for.  Strong, toned legs not only look great, but they also are able to withstand long working hours, intense physical activity and other daily activities that we have to get done.

The thing is, strong, slim legs are not the easiest to achieve.  There are technologies, however, that have been proven effective in giving us the boost we need to get the legs that we dream of.

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Can a Leg Massager Really Slim Your Legs?

A leg massager is generally used to relieve tired, achy muscles, as well as to help in alleviating cramps and spasms.  However, some also believe that these can help to slim the legs as well.  Let's look at a type of leg massager that works by applying compression in timed intervals.  This is similar to a masseuse actually applying pressure with her hands and then relieving that pressure.  These often resemble blood pressure cuffs or boots and are put on and secured with Velcro, ties or zippers.

These encourage blood and lymph circulation, as well as stimulate muscles.  Will they work the muscles like running does?  No, but they do stimulate them.  We do know that regular massage that is done at regular intervals – such as once a week – can help to tone the calf muscles and improve their flexibility.  We also know that massage is helpful with many causes of leg swelling as it helps to promote circulation to move excess fluids out of the legs. 

Knowing what we know about massage, it can be concluded that a leg massager has potential in aiding in slimming the legs.  Of course, it will not result in sleek and toned legs alone, but when combined with diet and exercise, it appears that it could be helpful.

Using Massage Cupping to Reduce Cellulite

Massage cupping is a practice that goes back thousands of years.  It originated in China and has since been adopted in the Western world.  Cupping is like a vacuum.  The cups are placed strategically on the skin and a vacuum is created.  This brings some of the skin into the cups.  They are often left on for eight to 15 minutes depending on the treatment being done.  The purpose is to relax muscles and draw out toxins from all three layers of the skin.  Following a session, there will be dark bruises on the skin.  These are a good thing as they show that the treatment was effective.

These can be used on the legs to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Cellulite is deposits of fat underneath the skin.  It makes the skin appear uneven and not smooth.  Unfortunately, this can affect anyone regardless of weight, physical activity level and diet. 

Massage cupping puts negative pressure on the skin.  This helps to drain excess toxins and fluids, releases rigid soft tissue, lifts connective tissue and loosens adhesions.  All of these are helpful in the reduction of cellulite.  Many practitioners have stated that most people will notice a reduction in their cellulite after just one 20-minute session.  However, it can take several sessions to eradicate it completely.  This will often depend on how much cellulite a person has.


How an Ultrasound Machine can Help to Slim the Legs

Ultrasound machines use high-energy sounds waves to penetrate the skin.  This type of device is able to effectively and safely target specific fat deposits under the skin.  The fat is emulsified and the body goes to work to remove it from the body.  Many describe this as a type of non-invasive liposuction in how it works to target localized areas of cellulite and take care of them.  Like massage cupping, more than one session is often needed to fully smooth and contour the legs.

Don’t Forget To Combine Technologies with Exercise

Exercise is necessary to fully tone and strengthen the legs.  A variety of strength training and flexibility exercises need to be combined with cardiovascular exercise for the best overall effects.  Now, combining this with any of the above treatments will often result in results coming faster.  For example, exercise has not been show to get rid of cellulite, so adding massage cupping or ultrasound to your exercise routine can help in giving you a complete slim down.


One More Tip….Combining Technologies with Diet

Diet is critical for a healthy body.  Eating nutritious foods and avoiding junk foods will help you slim down your legs faster.  Eating a diet rich in natural foods has also been thought to help in the battle against cellulite. 

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