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Neck Support Talk: What is the best Acupressure Neck Stretcher ?

February 13, 2018

The overall importance of pillows may be overlooked most of the time because we think that they are only sleep and comfort essentials.  The fact of the matter is that pillows come in different types supporting specific functions for various sleeping positions, as well as body and sleep conditions.

There are two important body functions that pillows support; alignment of bone structure and posture and sleep which has great effects on our health and well-being.

Be it during travel, or nighttime sleep, pillows are essential in supporting body alignment regardless of whatever sleeping position you have. Our neck is basically keeps our balance and neck pain may be a result of poor posture. The lack of good posture resulting to neck pain can be caused by daily activities such as hunched posture when using the computer or laptop or by carrying heavy materials which gives excess stress to the bones and muscles.

Our pillows also assure us that no pain from neck strain will be experienced when we wake up. A good sleep kept by pillows also reduces instances of sleep apnea and insomnia as they contribute to the balanced circulation of blood and oxygen while the body is at rest.  

If you want to be assured of these pillow functions, there are various types of neck support pillows that you could choose from as you start taking this pillow talk more seriously.

Types of neck support pillows

When choosing the best type of neck support pillows, there are three major variables that you need to consider: sleeping position, material and personal preference.

Sleeping position

The first thing to consider is sleeping position. When sleeping upright during travels, neck travel pillows should come as default choices because these pillows are really designed for this position. They are small sized for a reason; to prevent the head from getting pushed forward when the car heads for brake or falling down to either side. They come in bendable horseshoe shapes, triangle or wedge shapes.

Although sleeping on the stomach is not ideal because it strains the neck, some people really sleep through this position. If you sleep like this, you need flat pillows to rest your head when it turns an arch from the back. You may also add semi-roll pillow beneath your head to create a breathing space.

For those who sleep with their backs, a contour pillow is best for you. Contour pillows are made of extra-firm foams specifically designed to cradle your neck for comfort and better support. Firmer foams are also helpful in avoiding or alleviating back and neck pain problems. This type of pillow also helps in treating sleeping problems such as snoring and sleep apnea.

If you are the kind who sleeps on the side, roll pillow is recommended for you. The elevation that this pillow gives assures the alignment of the neck and the head and straight over to the shoulders for a good sleeping posture like the Japanese Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder rolling pillow. It is also recommended for side sleepers to get an extra body pillow where they could rest their legs which provide overnight support for the spine and lower back.

If you are one whose sleeping position changes overnight, cervical or orthopedic pillows are the best fit for you. These pillow types come in a unique shape. It has segmented partitions for the head and the neck. The elevated partitions are for neck support while the pit in the middle acts as a head rest. These pillows may also be turned upside down to become flat pillows. These pillows are made of memory foams which are created specifically hold the head in place. For added reference, you can check the Cervical Neck Traction devices with ChiSoft PLUS.


Neck support pillows may also be distinguished in terms of the materials used to make them. Specific materials are used for specific conditions and purposes. Polyester/synthetic fiber pillows are the most common types of pillows which can be used as high or flat pillow depending on your sleeping position. Pillows made from this material are also more cost-efficient than other types. The downside of these pillows however, is that they may be too soft for appropriate neck support and may have insufficient air supply which causes dust mites to niche on it.

Another type would be the memory foam pillows. These are labeled as such because they memorize the pressure and weight of your head and neck. The memory foam pillow does this by altering its shape as soon as you rest your head in it. Because of this ability, the memory foam pillow is a highly valuable pillow for with frequent back, shoulder and neck pains. Although micro-bead pillows also alter their shape easily depending on head and neck weight, its durability and covering material are claimed by most users as uncomfortable.


Knowing the material and the most appropriate pillows to use in certain sleeping positions lead to personal preference. The verdict regarding the best pillow to use is compounded on preference.

Sleeping positions do matter but the same is true with materials. Even if you think roll pillows are the best fit for you, the overall comfort also comes from the material they are made of. Your comfort should be the standard for your preference. You should be able to sort out the pros and cons of each pillow type before buying them.

If you are a traveler and want travel neck pillows made of memory foam, then go for it. There are available neck pillows made of memory foam like the Memory Foam Pillow with ChiSoft technology.  

Putting pillows in a different perspective

The different types of neck support pillows show that picking pillows is a deal you have to win. Always remember that when you choose neck support pillows, your sleeping position matter as well as your overall sleeping comfort so do not hesitate to ask about the material used and the therapeutic technology infused in the neck pillow if necessary.

Pillow talks are more serious than you think. So it is time to put them in a health and wellness perspective.

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