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Achieve Healthy Lifestyle Through Exercise Programs

February 18, 2016

If you've been feeling like everything in your life is catching up to you or you're finding it harder to function and cope with your normal activities; or perhaps you are feeling down in the pits then these ten exercises to relax your body and mind are your golden ticket to feeling healthy.



  1. A favourite stress reliever is taking a bath. Before or after an exercise routine I suggest lighting some candles, add some music and close the bathroom door and forget about the outside world for an hour. This will help you to increase your levels of feeling calm and the calmer you feel the less depressed or stressed out your body feels.
  2. Find stress relief by indulging in a massage or Massage cupping set, which allows you to relax and gather your thoughts. Create a relaxing atmosphere by softening the lights and playing soothing music allowing your mind to wander and is one of the best stress relief tips.
  3. Cycling is an excellent stress reliever. There is nothing better than a long bike ride up a silent road to help you feel completely stress free. Cycling is an aerobic exercise which is a great workout for the lungs and heart.
  4. Swimming is a low impact stress reducer workout. People who are suffering from pain in their joints and ligaments can enjoy a swim which gives you the same impact as normal aerobic exercises.
  5. Jogging is wonderful for stress control. No matter how tired you feel after a long day of work a jog can lift your spirits because of the endorphins which are released within your body during the exercise. Rich oxygen flow to the muscle groups during each jog creates a sense of well being.
  6. If you are suffering from high blood pressure we suggest walking. Make sure you are taking long strides and keep up a good pace in order to give your lungs and heart a good workout. Walking along scenic roads will relax your mind and body.
  7. Weight training is a great way to beat up stress. If you are feeling restless or agitated a half an hour focusing on weight training will have you pumped and feeling refreshed for the rest of your day.
  8. Yoga breathing and yoga stretching known as “asanas” tends to be very helpful. The breathing technique known as “Panayama” involves a controlled breathing rhythm.
  9. Tai-chi can improve your over all mind and balance your body’s natural chemicals by concentrating on the slow movements. These exercises are used by people who suffer from a lack of concentration or are feeling restless from unbearable amounts of stress.
  10. Outdoor Sports is a great way to distract your mind. By joining your local boot camp team and exercising outside not only is it rewarding to set fitness goals for yourself but by being outside in the fresh air can replenish your spirit. Any type of sport which involves physical activity is good for this purpose. 

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