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How to Get Neck Pain Relief and Prevent It From Happening

February 17, 2016

By changing a few habits neck pain is preventable. Using specific simple methods will relieve you from your neck issues. If you constantly suffer from  discomfort it may be worth your time and effort to consult a doctor or a physical therapist to learn special exercises which are designed to alleviate the aches and uneasiness of the collar. Read on to master how to prohibit neck tension.

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  1. Do not sit in the same position for long periods of time. We suggest getting up walking around and if you work at a desk or if you are travelling make sure you get up every hour and walk for a few minutes. This will allow the blood to circulate properly throughout your body.

  2. Sit up straight when you’re sitting down. counteract hunching over the computer and make sure the monitor is set at eye level. A chair with a tall back rest will assist your posture.

  3. Warm up before any type of physical activities. By performing a form of stretching, yoga or Pilates.

  4. Roll your neck in a circular motion.  This stretches the neck muscles eliminating stiffness and encouraging flexibility.

  5. Invest in a good mattress and pillow avoid any that are too hard or too soft. Make sure to choose a pillow that will keep the head straight in sequence with the spine.

  6. Sleep on your back and restrain from sleeping on your stomach. By doing this the back won't have additional pressure on your shoulders and neck.

  7. Avert carrying heavy backpacks over one side of your shoulder. By carrying a lot of weight on one side of the body you are increasing your chances of a pulling or straining the muscles.

  8. Make a habit of practising self-massage this will relax and sooth muscle tissues.

  9. Position your TV at a good angle to abstain twisting and turning your neck. If you sit on a sofa regularly buy a support pillow which will keep your neck in a straight position.

  10. When you need to move an object that is heavy try pushing it instead of pulling it.

  11. Bend your knees when lifting heavy objects.

  12. Exercise daily to strengthen muscles.

  13. See your doctor monthly to make sure your muscles are healthy.

Most cases of neck pain are not serious and can be treated without any form of medications. Stiff neck is the most common form of pain which is caused when trying to turn your head to far to one side and it begins to hurt. When looking behind you we suggest fully turning the body instead of the neck. Headaches are also associated with neck and back pain and can be treated by a medical professional. For further information contact your local doctor.  

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