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How To Maintain Weight And Get Sexy Slim Legs Through Fat Burning Exercises

February 17, 2016

Some women may have a different opinion on what their ideal sexy legs are but ideally the average woman wants thin, smooth, firm, slightly tanned, and tight firm calves and butt.

In order to achieve any of these goals you will need to shed some pounds off your entire body, build muscles in your desired target area (calves, gluteus, or thighs), balance your muscle development by working out your upper body as well- this will enable your body to be proportioned and will prevent you from looking “top” heavy.

There are many different kinds of pieces of equipment and household objects you can use for your workout. I often suggest using the lady Slimmer, which is a wonderful alterative to going to the gym. Some small bits and pieces will enhance your workout making it slightly better for those of us who are new to working out our legs and butts.

  1. Cardio: Exercises which include running, walking, or jogging start off slowly and increase your desired distance daily.
  2. Standing calf raises: While standing on the balls of your feel on the edge of a stair on your staircase let your heels hang in the air and slowly stand on your tiptoes. Repeat 10- 15 times
  3. Calf Muscle Massage Stretching: While facing the wall with one foot in front of the other bend your front knee and lean forward.
  4. Squats: Will tone and strengthen your calves, thighs, buttocks, and hips and will also strengthen ligaments on tendons throughout your lower body. Squats will increase the strength and size of your buttocks and legs.
  5. Lunges: Lunge forward with one of your legs and land on the heel of the foot. Return to the original standing position and repeat.
  6. Stiff Leg Deadlift: This exercise will target your thighs along with your lower back.
  7. Massage: Your calf muscle from your knee to your ankle while using the palm of your hand.
  8. Relaxation: After your workout its best to relax for a day. Give your muscles a break to repair the damages tissues.
  9. Lifestyle changes: Keep away from high heels which are uncomfortable and inappropriate. By maintaining a proper diet including high protein intake (helps replenish and repair muscles) avoid foods which are high in carbohydrates and avoid standing for long periods of time.

Try out these tips daily or weekly I promise these exercises are effective and I suggest keeping your goals within arm’s reach you don’t want to push yourself to hard.

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