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6 Effective Easy Ways For You To Relieve A Stressful Day

May 15, 2016

Phone calls, documents, bosses...

Let's make this blog short because you are tired after a long day or are already feeling tired before going to work (for some of us :) ).

It's been a long day. Things didn't go well for you throughout the day. It's raining. It's cold. By the time you've got home it's dark already and you haven't eaten dinner yet. For some of us, kids are crying, dogs are barking, and everything just seems to be getting out of hand for you. You want to find a happy place and escape from it all!

Luckily, there are a few ways which might help you relax. Remember, this is just purely a personal opinion of what I think works well for me. Perhaps there's a better way for you. The following suggestions can be a starting point for you.

Meditative mood brings a place of serenity

A calm inner peace may sound silly in the modern world of science and technology but it's pretty effective if you are able to achieve a state of comfort in your mind. But how do you repel the thoughts of negativity that may induce stress upon your sanity and health?

1. Let go of everything. The first step to recover from a day of frustration is to ignore all the negative thoughts and focus on what makes you relax. This means no checking your emails, no calling back your colleagues, and no finalizing your documents for at least an hour or two. In fact, ignore your smart phone and computer if you can. When you first entered the door it's time to start relaxing and take a break. Your home shouldn't be just another office for you!

2. Find a quiet, well-organized room. Nothing brings out more annoyance when you are met with a sight of clutter. Books everywhere. Toys everywhere. Clothes everywhere. Cables everywhere. Empty plates and pop cans everywhere. Find a room that's devoid of all these things and just sit on a chair or a couch while closing your eyes for a bit. For me, I just lay on my bed while not thinking about anything (or for a better lack of words - zoning out).

3. Aromatic scent diffuser. Aside from reducing clutter to give you a sense of space and freedom that you can enjoy in your personal time, it's always nice to be welcomed by a wave of fresh air. Odors aren't pleasant and will probably drive you away. I've used some diffusers in my room to make my nose happy. Luckily we've also carry a few selections of the diffusers and more unique ones are coming! 

4. Dim the lights a bit. Enhance a soothing atmosphere further by changing the environment slightly - this means lowering the ambient light around you so that your senses are not overly excited even when you`ve closed your eyes.

5. Play some meditative soft melodies or songs in the background with a low volume. Call me old school - I`d like to play some jazz music because I love the atmosphere of the 70`s, 80`s cafe where the rainy weather outside compliments the night theme very well.

6. Drink some hot chocolate or a little bit of wine. Don`t excessively drink sugary stuff or alcoholic stuff - but these two might be able to help relax your body further.

Different ways for different people

Again, as I`ve mentioned before, different people have different ways to relax. The purpose of this post isn`t to convince you that it works. Rather, it`s designed to give you a kick start into thinking what are some of the ways that you can have to make a frustrating and unhappy day into an enjoyable night.

Do you have any other thoughts or ideas that you want to share? Comment below! 

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